Agro Noel Coconut Charcoal Co.,Ltd
Company Profile :
Agro Noel Coconut Charcoal Co.,Ltd 
Agro Noel Coconut Charcoal Co., Ltd was established in 2000
Since 2000, Agro Noel Coconut Charcoal Co., Ltd has engineered a system successfully to produce charcoal from Coconut shells
The company has diversified its operations in to the field of manufacturing and supplying Coconut based products such as Semi Husked Coconut, Coconut Oil, Coir fibers, Pith blocks, Shells Powder, Charcoal and Activated Carbon to inland and overseas markets and of developing processing systems by engineering with advanced techniques for cost effective operations.
We have cost effective production and process facilities at close proximities to relevant raw material locations and a centralized testing laboratory to ensure quality of entire products range we deal with.
Engineering division is equipped with advanced equipments, tools and instruments and our technical team with skilled professionals is strong enough to fulfill customers’ requirements. And in marketing division, we have Logistics and Customer Management Departments through which we deliver our services to the entire satisfaction of our vendors and customers.
Quality Policy
Quality is the root through which CHEMECHEL has got growth and continues to grow. We expect and welcome responses from customers even on other than quality matters as this develop our understanding on their requirements.
As we have testing tools and instruments under care of reputed Testing and Calibration authorities, our technical team undertakes entire responsibility with guaranteed quality service consciousness.
Calcium carbonate (Lime stones) and its derivatives

Name of CEO Mr. Ibrahim Musa

Year of Establishment 2000

Nature of Business Manufacturer & Supplier